Atlantisite is an unusual combination of green serpentine with inclusions of purple stichtite.

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Atlantisite is an unusual combination of green serpentine with inclusions of purple stichtite.

  • The picture depicted is an example of the specimen you will get, but it will be personally hand-selected by me to ensure it’s just as spectacular!



Stichtite works so wonderfully with the heart in healing any relationship stresses, promoting forgiveness, and unresolved emotional congestion. It also works on a physical level with the brain and recovery of the body. Serpentine also works with the brain and the mind in stimulating clarity and understanding of both the physical and spiritual mind. It has been known to lift any haze in any chakra and be a vital conduit for spiritual growth. They both help to move Kundalini energy should it already be trying to release and rise.

Together in one excellent stone, the combo is the ultimate goddess for self-healing and opening up your crown to your gifts. It is genuinely protective in the way a guardian angel would be, watching over you and helping you find your way to your spiritual path.

 If you look at this wonderfully contrasting marriage of purple and bright green, you can feel the serenity it wants to bring to your aura. Atlantisite is a powerful healer as it not only expands your heart space to the divine love – unconditional love – but does so with the tranquility, clarity, and peace of the serpentine.


How To Use

Because it is such a protective stone, almost as if by your guardian angels, it would be a perfect stone to keep around anything you want to be protected and even in the space of loved ones.

Should you be traveling, this can be an added angel that travels with you and ensures you are safe from physical and spiritual harm. 

Should you find yourself in a stressful situation or a painful moment in your romantic life, you can try a 10 – 15 min meditation with a piece of Atlantisite in your hands.


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