Gold Sheen Obsidian Sphere


A Sphere of High Gold Sheen Obsidian. While Obsidian is not a crystal as it does not have molecular consistency nor crystals, it is naturally occurring. Obsidian forms when volcanic lava cools extremely fast with the presence of silica within the lava.  Golden sheen in particular will happen when patterns of gas bubbles aligned in color bars created by the flowing lava before it solidified.

Polished Rainbow Obsidian Sphere will add an element of strength and perseverance to your energetic field and space.

*The picture depicted is an example of the specimen you will get, but it will be personally hand-selected by me to ensure it’s just as spectacular!



Gold is in its name, and that’s just what it wants to bring out in you. Gold Sheen Obsidian will bring to light your inner gold = your inner talents, wisdom, and skills. Things you may not know you are good at will start coming to light and shining through in everyday life.

The reflection can help inner reflection and introspection if you do self-exploration and shadow work where you seek out your blind spots. The illuminatory gifts of Gold Sheen will surely help on this journey and shamanic journeying as well.

Gold Sheen Obsidian works to protect you by reflecting off any negativity or ill will that might be coming your way, intentionally or not, and helps to reclaim your power. Working with the solar plexus can help strengthen your confidence and release psychological complexes.

How To Use

By having a sphere of Gold Sheen Obsidian, you are infusing your space with 360 degrees of its frequencies of revelation, so it is perfect in a sacred space where you might do centering or meditation. 

In a palm-size, it can be a tool to hold while in meditation or journey work.

Keep it by you when you need that extra strength and protection, or incorporate it in a grid set for that same intention.

Setting a large sphere in a business, office, or home that needs extra protection as a target for an ill will act as a shield and kindly returns to the sender.


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