Iolite Sunstone


A most remarkable naturally occurring combination of two of our favorites Iolite and Sunstone. This palm is of high grade, meaning rich deep colors and saturation of Iolite while giving off bright sparkles through of Sunstone.

A most remarkable naturally occurring combination of two of our favorites Iolite and Sunstone. This palm is of high grade, meaning rich deep colors and Iolite saturation while giving off bright sparkles through of Sunstone.

?????? helps achieve profound vision and assists with expanding clairyoyance and prophetic ability. ?????? opens senses to personal messages and unique signs meant specifically for you. ?????? ??????, $?? 

???? ?????????: Intuition, Wisdom, Insight, Intellect, Clairvoyance, Vision, Perception of Energy, Access to Altered States of Consciousness, Inspiration, Imagination, Awakening⁣

?????????? ??????: Third Eye

???????: Supreme Element (all elements combined in their purest form), Extra-Sensory Perception⁣

?????? ?????????: 852 Hz⁣

????? ?? ??? ????: Eyes, Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, Brain, Base of Skull, Brow

??????? ??????: Orthorhombic

???????? ???????: (Mg, Fe)2Al3(AlSi5O18)

???????? (???? ?????): 7

  • The picture depicted is an example of the specimen you will get, but it will be personally hand-selected by me to ensure it’s just as spectacular!


This natural marriage of both Iolite and Sunstone not only presents you with their magic, but their fusion brings about something even more powerful. 

Using this deeply felt mineral, you can expect Iolite and Sunstone’s benefits and something new altogether.

With Iolite, you will achieve a profound vision and expand on any Clairvoyance or prophetic abilities you might naturally possess. You start to become sensitive to messages and signs and seeing what will come to pass. It helps connect to the soul level of love, unconditional love, and unity for all that exists as you elevate your vibrations to your third eye, Chakra. You start to see deeper and understand the the mechanics behind what you can see on the outside, as in the behavior of those around you as well as world events. 

Sunstone is an excellent stone for manifesting your dreams into reality. It is often used for opening up to magic, creativity,, and courage. The deep orange sparkles illuminate creativity and enthusiasm, allowing for courage and leadership with pep to your step excitement.

With this powerful duo, you can feel the combination of both but add to it a sense of determination and manifesting powers – keeping the greater good as your primary intention. You are doing this for the benefit of the collective, after all.

The element of Wind from one pouring into the element of Fire to the other, you can feel how the energy intensifies their mingling. Born from this is confidence, inspiration, balancing of sexual energy, and releasing any fears or shyness.

It helps to work with weight loss and adding physical energy, stepping forward and manifesting your deep soul-level desires from a place of joy and creation. 

How To Use

You can place a palm to its energetic center (Chakra) and lay for 15 to 20 minutes for self-alignment. You can set the intention for your mini session.

You can also work with the palm stone by holding it in one or both hands during meditation, placing it under your pillow for dream messages, and expanding on your intuition.

For astral travel or work with interdimensional messages or connections, you can harmonize Iolite Sunstone with Phenacite.

You can carry this stone around for manifesting throughout the day and keeping the energy of creation with you throughout the day. If you would like to send your manifestation into high gear, you can combine it it with Garnet (ideally green) or Hematite.

In a grid, it does its work 24/7 to bring about your desires into reality for manifestation. It can be used in a grid for weight loss as well if combined with Golden Apatite. 


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